South Holland is currently experiencing a slight rise in burglary, particularly of sheds and garages where lawn mowers and other garden equipment is being stolen. This is predominantly happening where sheds are left unlocked or otherwise insecure.

This is not unusual for this time of year as people are starting to take advantage of the better weather and prepare their gardens for summer, however, there are some simple steps that can be taken to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime.

Please follow the below crime prevention advice to keep your property safe:

  •         Ensure garden equipment is put away after use.
  •         Lock sheds / garages when not in use.
  •         Fit a shed alarm / door alarm to your shed to alert you if someone tried to enter.
  •         Fit security lighting to access routes to your gardens.
  •         Mark your property. Property which is easily identifiable is harder to sell on and therefore less attractive to thieves. Property can be marked in any number of ways but visible marking is a better deterrent than non visible.
  •         Record serial numbers. This will assist Police in identifying your property should it be found for sale somewhere and will enable us to return it to its rightful owner.
  •         Be alert and report suspicious activity on 101.