Lincolnshire Police and South Holland District Council have been receiving anecdotal, third party information of anti-social behaviour in Crowland. We are keen to assist you with this and provide appropriate patrols in the area in addition to your local officers. In order to do this we need to have the information recorded in our systems to enable us to provide patrols in the right locations at the right time. As such we would urge you to please contact us in the following ways:

  •         Via 101 if the incident is ongoing. This will enable us, wherever possible, to get officers to the area whilst it is still ongoing and deal appropriately with the perpetrators of the anti-social behaviour. It will also provide a time and date stamped log of the when the incident is occurring.
  •         If no longer ongoing then please contact either South Holland District Council or your local policing team to report it, including information about time, date, location, nature of behaviour and any individuals involved (descriptions, ages, number of people)

It is only with this information, and your help, that we will be able to effectively target the individuals causing harm and concern within your community so please help us to help you.