February 2022 Minutes

Minutes of a meeting of Crowland Parish Council

Held on Monday 7th February 2022 at 7:00pm

in the Crowland Community Hub



Present:         Bryan Alcock, David Kempton, Philip Green, Graham Searle, David Ringham, Jon Boor, Darren Warner, Cathi Elphee and Wayne Glenton


District & County Cllr Nigel Pepper


Local Press Officer: Kris Johnston


Clerk:              Angela Harrison


In the Chair:  David Kempton



1) 166. Apologies for Absence


Michael Atkinson, Annette Williams, Reg Boot, Lee Quince and District Cllr Jim Astill



2) 167. Declaration of Interests as per the LGA 2000


Graham Searle:          Crowland Cares & SH Voluntary Car Scheme, plus one item in Payments

Jon Boor:                    Land



3) 168. To Agree as a correct Record the Minutes of the Previous Meetings


Proposed:        P Green

Seconded:       G Searle                     


A vote by show of hands was unanimous.    


4) 169. Matters Arising from the previous minutes


  • Item 9) BA reported that the CPC toilets were not on the list for refurbishment but has since been assured that they will be.
  • Item 14) BA’s request that the A16 be added to this Agenda had not been recorded. Clerk to add to the next Agenda.

Action: Clerk

5) 170. Chairmans Report - to receive the Chairman’s report


A Copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


With the Annual Meeting fast approaching, the Chairman suggested a Working Party to discuss Committee membership for the ensuing year.

All agreed.

Action: DK

  • The Clerk added that there were currently 2 vacancies, on the Planning and the Farms & Gardens Committees, following the recent resignation and asked if any members would like to join those.
    • DW agreed to join both Committees.
  • DK read out an email from a parishioner, (as requested), enquiring about the removal of an Ash tree with a preservation order on it, on the old allotment site and also whether the Silver Birch trees would also be removed.
    • The Chairman reiterated the fact that the incident was currently being investigated by SHDC and that the PC had no advance knowledge of the removal of the tree and could not comment further whilst the investigation was underway.  A statement to this fact has been posted on the PC’s Facebook page and the PC will not be accepting that particular plot until the issue has been resolved.  The Silver Birch trees will remain in situ.

A reply to be sent to the parishioner.

Action: Clerk


6) 171. Amenities Committee - to receive the Minutes of the recent meeting.


A copy of the Minutes had been circulated a few days prior to the meeting.


  • DR stated that he has received the Fire Risk Assessment reports and is working through the specifications for action, before going out to quotation.
  • There has been damage to the Youth Shelter roof due to the recent stormy weather.  Loose panels have been removed.
  • Quotes for repairs to both shelters and the Playground Inspections to be taken “in Committee”.
  • It was requested that quotes are gained before each annual playground inspection is due.

Action: Amenities Admin

  • PG added that he will advise as soon as the Lawn Tennis Association grant funding is available.
  • DK and JB spoke about an escape door for the Implement Building.

Action: DR to gain quotes


7) 172. Finance and Admin Committee - to receive the Chairmans report.


The Chairman thanked BA and the RFO for their reports.


  • It was explained that the Bond Guarantee, which was on the AGAR for last year’s accounts, will need to be replaced with the house values.
  • BA and the RFO have been discussing the management of these accounts in preparation for this year’s AGAR.
  • It was requested that 3 Red Book evaluations be sought, e.g., Longstaff’s, Land Agent & Savills.

Action: Clerk/RFO


8) 173. Farms & Gardens Committee - to receive the Chairmans report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


JB advised that he had requested 3 quotes for work on the trees and verges, but only received one, which will be taken “in Committee”.

  • Gator requires more work than a general service.
  • It was agreed that this work should be carried out.
  • The current situation with regards to stopping off of Yellow Stocking was raised and requested that the Clerk check the records.

Action: Clerk


9) 174. Planning Committee - to receive the Minutes of the January meeting.


A copy of the Minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.


PG requested that the paving around the phone box and the Queen’s Jubilee Bench be taken “in Committee”


10) 175. Safety & Security - to receive the Chairman’s report.


GS advised that the crime figures from December 21 were significantly down on the past 5 years.  However, Jan 22 does not look good, however 75% of the figures are due to hare coursing.


11) 176. Leisure and Wellbeing Centre – to receive the team’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


WG advised that the gym is now open, with those who expressed an interest in joining being invited to sign-up.  This is a phased process, with 100 invited in at a time.

  • First users expected tomorrow.
  • Legionnaire’s testing on standing water pipes is being carried out.
  • Purchase of mirrors along with caretaking arrangements, will be taken “in Committee”.
  • Press release is imminent, and the website will be updated.
  • NDR rates relief request was submitted at the end of Dec 21

DK stated that a legally binding document is required between the PC and the L&WB Centre

Action: DK & WG

WG added that he felt he had a healthy relationship with the school, through recent meetings.

Members congratulated WG and members of the CIO on their achievement.


12) 177. Assets Working Party - to receive the team’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • Hope to have all the bungalow tenants in by the end of the month for the 7 out of the 8 properties.
  • Burial Ground is looking much more hopeful thanks to the work done by JB.  The Environment Agency are satisfied that we can take this forward.
  • It was agreed that JB join the AWP for this project.
  • Outline planning was approved for all development, (burial site and allotments), but reserved matters for the burial site are required.

Action: AWP


13) 178. Accounts for Payment – see separate sheet.


Proposed:       C Elphee

Seconded:       W Glenton


It was resolved to approve the payments.


14) 179. Request for Funding – Project Trust


The Clerk gave a precis of the letter which had been sent in by a sixth form student from the Deepings School.  The student will be travelling to South Africa and teaching poor and disadvantaged children voluntarily.  She needs to raise £6,950 and has already carried out a number of fundraising events locally and has many more planned including The Lyke Wake Walk Challenge on the 5th - 7th April.

  • CE stated that we have supported these types of requests in the past and said that should we make a donation, we ask her to come back and tell us all about it.

BA suggested we give £500

GS seconded this proposal.

All agreed.

Action: Clerk to reply to student.


15) 180. Councilor Vacancies

The Chairman asked how members felt about whether to Co-opt or run with vacancies.

Members agreed to consider the options and, in the meantime, Clerk to find out whether the PC needs to advertise the vacancies for Co-option.

Action: Clerk


16) 181. Matters to be considered for inclusion on a future Council Agenda.


BA requested that the A16 be added.









Meeting ended at 9:20pm