Minutes of a meeting of Crowland Parish Council

Held on Monday 9th May 2022 at 7:00pm

in the Crowland Community Hub


Present: Bryan Alcock, Philip Green, Graham Searle, Reg Boot, Cathi Elphee, Graham Searle, Darren Warner, Annette Williams and Wayne Glenton


Acting Clerk: Tina Croxford


In the Chair:    David Kempton


1)  Election of Chairman

B Alcock nominated D Kempton

G Searle seconded

All agreed.


D Kempton was duly elected as Chairman of Crowland Parish Council.


D Kempton thanked those present and stated that he would be happy to continue in the role for the ensuing year but no longer.


  1. Election of Vice-Chairman


B Alcock nominated P Green.

A Williams seconded

All agreed.


P Green was duly elected as Vice Chairman of Crowland Parish Council


P Green thanked those present and stated that he would be happy to accept the role for the ensuing year. 


3)199. Apologies for Absence


Michael Atkinson and David Ringham


4) 200. Declaration of Interests as per the LGA 2000


Graham Searle:          Crowland Cares & SH Voluntary Car Scheme

Jon Boor:                    Land (if discussed)


5)  Election of Committees


Planning Committee

Graham Searle, Annette Williams, Cathi Elphee, David Kempton, Jon Boor, Lee Quince

Amenities Committee

Annette Williams, David Ringham, Cathi Elphee, Philip Green, Bryan Alcock, Darren Warner, David Kempton, Reg Boot

Farms & Gardens Committee

Wayne Glenton, Cathi Elphee, Philip Green, Jon Boor, Michael Atkinson Reg Boot, David Kempton

Safety & Security Committee

Annette Williams, Darren Warner, Jon Boor, Lee Quince, David Kempton

Finance Committee

Wayne Glenton, David Ringham, David Kempton, Jon Boor, Graham Searle

Human Resources

The Clerk, The Chairman, The Vice Chairman, and the Chairmen of all the above committees.

Asset working

Wayne Glenton, David Ringham, Philip Green, Bryan Alcock, David Kempton, Reg Boot, Jon Boor,

B Alcock requested that P Bywater is a member as a consultant – as before – all agreed

Leisure, Health and Wellbeing Centre

Wayne Glenton, Annette Williams, David Ringham, Reg Boot


Annette Williams, Cathi Elphee, Michael Atkinson

SHDC volunteering Car Scheme

David Ringham, Graham Searle


  1. Election of Chairman of Committees

Planning Committee

Philip Green – Chairman - Proposed: B Alcock, Seconded: G SearleAll agreed - elected

Amenities Committee

Graham Searle – Chairman - Proposed: D Kempton, Seconded: J BoorAll agreed - elected

Farms & Gardens Committee

Jon Boor – Chairman - Proposed: G Searle, Seconded: B AlcockAll agreed - elected

Safety & Security Committee

Graham Searle – Chairman - Proposed: D Kempton, Seconded: W GlentonAll agreed - elected

Finance Committee

Bryan Alcock – Chairman -  Proposed: D Kempton, Seconded: P Green  All agreed - elected


  1. Proposal to confirm the structure and membership of the Assets Working Party
                No change  


  1. Election of Churchyard Committee Representatives

Annette Williams, Cathi Elphee, Michael Atkinson


  1. Election of Voluntary Car Scheme Representative

David Ringham, Graham Searle


  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – 4th April 2022 To Agree as a correct Record

Proposed: G Searle, Seconded: R Boot, All agreed


  1. Matters Arising from the previous meeting – not included on this Agenda meeting4.04.22


Page 72 205 Finance and Admin Committee - South Holland rates – need sending back as CPC have not taken responsibility of the property yet. – Action office

Open meeting: D Kempton would like councilors to attend there will be short presentations about what is happening in Crowland – before and now.

Note was put into Town Magazine hoping that more electors would attend. CPC to focus on good achievements, for example houses, skate park, refurbishment of the playground, Gym and allotments, further focus is tennis courts, graveyard and pavilion.

Until we have recruited a new clerk/RFO, B Alcock has agreed to be RFO and T Croxford has agreed to be acting clerk.  All agreed, W Glenton offered to help with the bookkeeping.


Page 76 206 Farms and Gardens  - Kissing ground is out of lease – meeting with representatives from the Abbey – outcome to arrange a meeting with Savills & Diocese to get is sorted, the church & CPC are frustrated it is taking so long- diocese to be contacted to help resolve

F&G committee to come up with a suggestion regarding the trees along the bank - Rig bit (bank side of river) -  R Boot is looking into


  1. Report from Amenities Committee  


Report received and listed all that had been accomplished over the past 10 years with D Ringham as chairman – D Kempton asked for it to be recorded thanking D Ringham for all his hard work – D          77

Ringham will continue to help – section 106 money priority must identify where it is needed and to be used before it has to be returned.


  1. Report from Finance Committee 

Precept has been received – end of year is below predictions – working through day to day as concentrating on Scribe at the moment. B Alcock has looked at a temp clerk but they would need training another option would be a locum – there are two possibilities 1 – Scribe can update and input information or option 2 local council consultant –

Storage heaters have been removed and replaced and this cost came in under budget.


  1. Report from Farms & Gardens Committee 


There is an allotment inspection Wednesday 11th all Councillors are invited, some allotments need addressing.

Top soil has been offered for free – it was suggested it is put on the low areas for the suggested cemetery – there are tenants on this plot at the moment so they will need to be compensated but it should only take up about 2 acres – documents will be needed to satisfy the quality.


3 other items to be discussed in committee


Rates on Allotment building - B Alcock said Item 8 was not an option as discussed with Land agent – to be looked into again and the possibility of putting cages into a grid design.



  1. Report from Planning Committee 


Paving around the phone box has been done and very pleased with the outcome, this area is now becoming a pleasant area just awaiting the bench and planter to be fitted

The hedge along reform street is still in dispute and ongoing

The new notice board has arrived and is awaiting fitting

Hanging baskets are going up shortly and the sponsorship for the planters has been good – the town should look very colourful ready for the jubilee celebration and through summer.

Chairs/decorative planters are being put in North Street – colours red, white and blue


  1. Report from Safety & Security Committee 


Crimes in Crowland are going down but recent reports now suggest they will be going back up

FRA – ongoing work needed to workman’s building/shed including escape door location.  Quotes are being received from carpenters and electricians – once the works have been completed the FRA could be carried out in future by a councilor.

D Kempton thanked G Searle and others for all the work involved

Skate Park – SHDC skating event was well supported and enjoyed

Early Saturday morning an incident was reported on the Snowden – Vehicle has gained access and churned up the football pitch -  A Flowers, J Boor, G Searle managed to secure the field with new posts and tidy up the pitch as best they could – a review must be looked into for a long term better security and safety of the Snowden.

The land between the new development and James Road was discussed as to who owns it – it does not belong to the CPC but the developers.  It was suggested that the CPC talk to the developers and ask for a post to go in as cars might be able to gain access along Six Acre lane, once the new gate is put in as there might be enough space for a car to get through.

CPC will have another look at the plans as B Alcock believes a fence is supposed to be being fitted.

Bridge area – has become a mess as render is being pulled off and thrown causing more damage to the bridge – workers are clearing rubble every day – G Searle is contacting English Heritage – as day to day maintenance is now needed – photos are needed of the damage – Office




  1. Report from the Assets Working Party

Report – noted


  1. Accounts for Payment-See attached list                                            

Paying twice for electric – Bridge lights - Charged with two suppliers TC to look into

Proposed drainage – send to J Boor


  1. Matters to be Considered for inclusion on a future agenda                                            


Hire charges

2 left from last time -  add Office – 1 standards and Union Flag – storage required – 2 old abbey clock – to secure its future


20), 21) & 22) moved into Committee



Gym membership is very good and progressing – D Kempton thanked W Glenton, Trustees and all the team for the hard work – all congratulated W Glenton on the achievement – another Open day is being planned for soon – the Gym has real protentional and could be developed more – ongoing


23) Proposed parking restrictions South View Primary school


G Searle discussed the traffic issues regarding the parking and proposed restrictions along Postland Road – it was agreed that Crowland Parish Council has no objections to these restrictions being implement to the road junctions around South View Primary school as an improvement to safety and traffic flow, however it must be recognised that that these proposed restrictions will need to be frequently, closely monitored by the parking enforcement team, and that these restriction whilst welcome could possibly move the problems further along the surrounding streets creating other issues.

The view of the Council is that the only real solution to this traffic parking issue is for the school to provide parking / drop off areas within the school grounds.



Meeting ended at 9.35pm