Minutes of a meeting of Crowland Parish Council

Held on Monday 1st March 2021

remotely, via Zoom at 7:00pm



Present:       Bryan Alcock, David Kempton, Philip Green, Cathi Elphee,

                    David Ringham, Graham Searle, Jan Woodroffe, Reg Boot

                    and Annette Williams


Clerk:           Angela Harrison


District Cllr Jim Astill


In the Chair:            David Kempton



1.166) Apologies for Absence


Jon Boor

Michael Atkinson

County & District Cllr Nigel Pepper




2.167) Declaration of Interests as per the LGA 2000


Dave Ringham:           Crowland Cares

Graham Searle:          Crowland Cares & SH Voluntary Car Scheme

Lee Quince:                Planning application for Service Station



3.168) To Agree as a correct Record the Minutes of the Previous Meetings



Proposed:        R Boot

Seconded:       D Ringham                 


All Agreed



4.169) Matters Arising from the previous minutes and Clerks’ Report - to receive the Clerks’ report of actions outstanding.


  • Under Matters Arising, DK raised the issue of the Domain Name, (Page 88 under GDPR)


It was agreed that this would be taken “in Committee” in order that the received quote could be discussed.


A copy of the Clerk’s report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


Item 5

Allotment Building - BA has emailed to chase this up but has no further information.


Item 22

Parking Bays in North Street - hold fire until we have an update on the Market Stalls.



Nothing has happened since the last Planning Meeting.



5.170) Chairmans Report - to receive the Chairman’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • The Chairman advised the Council that we will be speaking about the Service Station under Planning, but it will not be revisited tonight.
  • Correspondence has been dealt with differently since Covid-19, with the Clerks forwarding emails directly to the relevant Committee Chairman.  We will need to review whether this continues or whether we revert back to the old system of listing correspondence received, when we go back to physical meetings.
  • The Parish Council has received a letter concerning the opening of a dental practice in Crowland.  The Dr would like to use the Youth Building, but we would feel that to be unsuitable for various issues.
    • If there are any premises that come available, we can pass on the information to the Dr.

It was agreed that the Parish Council would support having a dental practice in Crowland but that we were unable to act as Commercial Estate Agents.


6.171) Amenities Committee - to receive the Chairman’s report.


A copy of the notes from the Working Party held on Thursday 25th February had been circulated a few days prior to the meeting.


  • Roundabout on Junior Play Area is almost ready to be put back onto its spindle.
  • Testing on the electrical wiring in our buildings has been carried out, with very detailed reports.
    • Price to remedy the important issues, will be taken “in Committee”.
  • Fire Risk Assessment - price to be taken “in Committee”.
  • Burst pipe in the Youth Building has been dealt with.


  • Painting inside and planting and pruning outside from Crowland in Bloom using some funding from the Co-op.
  • Issues with some ingress of water where there are vents.  Quotes being obtained.
  • Cladding - temporary repair on the timber.

Tennis Courts

  • Problems with the surface.  2 people looking to set up a club for Pickle Ball, (can be played indoors in the Sports Hall) and tennis.

Action: Amenities

Parish Room

  • Heating - working party to look into this.

Lighting in the main hall of the Sports Hall - looking at quotes at the moment.  Been to inspect the work with RB and all looking good.

  • LQ - When the roundabout is put back in place, are there any plans to raise the floor level to prevent children trapping their feet underneath it?
    • RB - Roundabout being installed tomorrow.
      • GS - When the gentleman from Fenland Play Equipment came to inspect the site, he said that the clearance between the roundabout and the floor were correct.
        • DK - the equipment is inspected on a regular basis and has always passed, apart from one year when they raised an issue regarding 2 protruding bolts which had been there since it was first installed, but suddenly became a problem.


DR stated that we are very fortunate to have this original piece, which has served the Parish for many years and hoped it would be well received now that it had been repainted and updated.



7.172) Finance and Admin Committee - to receive the Chairmans report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • All of the money expected from LCC for the Sports Hall has been received.
  • A working party meeting of the Finance Committee is scheduled for the 22nd of March.
  • Clerk has sent out the invoices for the Grant Scheme for this year so the funds should be in our account soon.


8.173) Farms & Gardens Committee - to receive the Chairman’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


R Boot spoke to the report in the absence of the Committee Chairman.


  • Machinery has been serviced.
  • Flail the dykes when circumstances permit, as the ground has been too wet, and the machinery would have caused damage.
  • Hedge cutting may have to be put back a bit due to the birds’ nesting season, between March and August.
    • BA - Are we too late for hedge cutting?  It would have been nice to get the hedge trimmed between the old allotment site and the 6-acre field.
      • RB will check with the RSPB.

Action: R Boot

  • PG - Have we heard back from our Land Agent regarding the new wildlife scheme?
    • RB replied that it was an approved scheme operated by the Government and that the land agent advice was that we can do it on our own land, but not for Lord Normanton land, without consulting with them first.
  • DK asked about the latest situation regarding allotment rents.
    • Clerk answered to say that all rents had been received for those wishing to continue with their plots.  There are a number of residents that have given up their plots, but not returned their keys.
    • 4 new tenants have taken on allotments.
      • DK asked that the Clerks contact the allotment holders that have given up their plots, to get ask that the keys be returned, (provided they only had the 1 allotment).

Action: Clerks


9.174) Planning Committee - to receive the Chairman’s report from the Working Party meeting held on the 8th of February 2021


A copy of the meeting notes had been circulated prior to the meeting.


To agree the comments on the planning application


Proposed:        J Woodroffe

Seconded:       A Williams


All agreed.


  • There was a Planning Committee meeting later in the month, which was live streamed, where the Committee had devolved powers to reach a decision and make comments on SHDC’s planning portal.
    • A lengthy discussion took place and a conclusion reached.
      • The following wording was read out at the meeting, which will be added to the comments on the SHDC Planning Portal.


Comments on HO2-0095-21, proposed roadside services.


Crowland Parish Council does not object, in principle, to the proposed development.  In reaching this conclusion the Parish Council has considered the benefits that the development would bring to the parish against the real concerns of adjacent householders.


There are benefits in having a filling station nearby, as currently the nearest facility, in Eye Green, is a 10-mile round trip.  The rapid expansion of dwellings in the southern side of Crowland has not been accompanied by basic retail or hospitality facilities, so the proposed development is likely to be an attractive alternative to taking a car trip for people living within walking distance of the site.  Overnight lorry parking has become a concern in the area.  All A16 laybys near the town are overwhelmed by unhygienic rest stops, and overnight LGV street parking is endemic in our southern estates, so we welcome the proposed improvement in welfare provided. New employment opportunities in Crowland have not kept pace with the rapid expansion of the population, so the community is dependent on travel outside of the immediate area to seek employment. The jobs offered by the proposal should be attractive to our parishioners.


However, the proposal does potentially adversely affect the residents living in the immediate vicinity, particularly the new Roostings development, plus those commuting to the south. Valid concerns have been expressed regarding the 24 hr noise emissions both from the site and from traffic emerging onto James Road, excessive light pollution, vehicle emissions including parked-up “reefer” units, and increased litter.  The junction of Peterborough Road, James Road and onward to the A16 roundabout is a continual cause for concern locally, as is the condition and capacity of the roundabout, and the Parish Council will be writing to Highways again regarding minor improvements that could be made to benefit the wider community and soften the traffic impact of the proposed development.  Traffic flow improvements in the vicinity would likely reduce ongoing objections to the development. To ameliorate these issues, the Parish Council would like to see the developer re-consider some aspects of the layout. The security fence shown facing James Road needs to be a substantial noise abating barrier and be moved back onto the site to increase the separation of the parked vehicle noise source from the housing opposite. Staff parking could be moved to the west of the LGV parking to also reduce the impact.  The site should have an additional LGV exit directly onto the A16 northbound, which could reduce the impact on James Road by around 50%. All food outlets on the site, especially take-aways, should provide degradable packaging and adequate litter collection facilities both on-site and in the surrounding area.


We consider that the proposal does need to address the concerns of the local community, and with changes such as suggested, the development, if approved, would be substantially less detrimental to the parish.  Residents from the Roostings are submitting their concerns separately; these have been discussed with Parish Council and should be taken into account alongside our comments.


The Parish Council is open to approaches from the applicant to discuss these and other improvement opportunities.


BA asked about an item on the Planning meeting notes, where it states that the builders developing the site on Peterborough Road have put forward the possibility that the bus shelter be moved and located to their preferred point and that talks will be undertaken with the developer.  He questioned whether we had looked to see where the shelter could be moved to, as it could be a sensitive issue.

  • CE stated that it couldn’t be moved too far from the actual bus stop as they are agreed with the bus company. She believed it would be roughly where it is now, but away from the front of the house that was being built.
    • DK mentioned that it wouldn’t be easy to move the bus shelter as the pavement will have been raised, but that maybe the developer would be happy to meet that cost.


It was agreed that CE would open up the dialogue with the developer.

Action: C Elphee



10.175) Safety & Security - to receive the Chairman’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • Half of the trees down one side, along gravel causeway have been pollarded back to their original height.  However bad weather stopped the work but we’re looking forward to them restarting soon.
  • The stats for crime show that we had almost a 50% reduction in crime from November to December and it’s been quite quiet around the town.
  • February started off badly with 5 issues of fly-tipping in the first week but has thankfully gone relatively quiet since then.  There have been a couple more since then, reported by the public.
  • Unable to have talks with the Police, apart from the PCSO for about 4 months, which is a little frustrating.


PG asked whether there was a Police presence Monday morning regarding the incident on West Street; hit and run by a stolen motorbike which was being chased by another car.

  • There had been another incident that weekend, down North Street and Thorney Road, but was unable to get any information from the Police.
  • PG stated that there were incidents on the caravan site by the water tower and a fire where one of the caravans was burnt out.
    • BA stated that the SHDC were aware of this incident.



11.176) Fitness & Well-being Centre - to receive the team’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • Things going pretty well on site, most of the heavy, noisy work completed.
  • RB and DR have been to inspect, prior to payment.
  • Issues regarding some minor things - entrance into the gym area, how it will be operated.
  • 2 major problems overcome with no further cost to the PC.
  • Chosen the panels and colours for the showers.
  • Testing some of the electrics which was outside of the contract - price will be quoted.
  • Access has been made from one room to another, can now see the flow and is looking good.
  • Working closely with Scott Halliwell to ensure that we are not charged for anything that is not in the contract.
  • Asked the contractors to quote for upgrading the main hall, which has not had any work done on it.
  • End of April/beginning of May should be finishing up, ready for the lifting of Covid restrictions.


RB stated that due to the Covid restrictions, the contractor has been able to get on, without so many children at school, which has worked to both the school’s and our advantage.

  • DR wanted to give a vote of thanks to the school for their co-operation and assistance with the use of their car park for tradesmen’s vans.


DK asked if there was an update to the Charitable Trust status.


  • DR – Application in to form a CIO had to provide more information but they have now sent through more questions which may require a Zoom meeting as they require an answer in the next week or so.


BA stated that it was essential that we decorate right through and sort out the lighting in the Sports Hall.  The floor in the main hall looked as though it would need renovation on his last visit, so would be good to get that looked at as well.

  • DR agreed that he would look into getting it renovated and remarked out, and that Pickle Ball England would mark out their own court.



12.177) Assets Working Party - to receive the team’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • Good news and moving on.
  • Thorney Road site we have received clarification with regards to values of the site.


Due to commercial sensitivity, more will be said, and any questions taken “in Committee”.



13.178) GDPR - to receive an update.


A pack of documents had been circulated on the 8th of February.


  • Reduced from 11 to 8 documents.
  • Re-circulated on the 17th of February to all Councillors, to get feedback, but have received no questions since then.
  • Looking to get it adopted this evening so that we can get ourselves authorised with the ICO and start working towards it.


Proposed:       G Searle

Seconded:       P Green


PG stated that he had read through it a couple of times and thought it was a very good document and fit for purpose.


Everyone agreed.

L Quince abstained as he said that he hadn’t had time to read it.


It was agreed that 2 copies of the Compliance checklists would be printed for CE and MA and that the Councillors complete, sign and return their Compliance checklists as soon as possible, or at least in time for the next full council meeting. 


A date of 2 years from today, was agreed as the review date for the Policies.

Clerks to diarise through Outlook.

Action: Clerks


14.179) Proposed Speed Limit - A16 (Radar Corner Junction)


Consultation regarding a reduced speed limit between the 2 speed cameras by Radar Corner received from LCC.

  • GS - no mention of how the speed limit is to be monitored.  Perhaps we can ask for clarification when we make our recommendation.
    • BA - it doesn’t divert us from the fact that the proper solution would be a roundabout and that the PC would not accept this as a long-term solution.


It was agreed that DK will put a response together.

Action: D Kempton


15.180) To discuss the suggestion of a new memorial to honour late WW2 airmen.


  • Resident raised it and has done some research and found that there were a substantial number of airmen who sadly lost their lives in or near the Parish.
  • The Memorial would be sited between here and Cowbit.
  • Spoken with Cowbit PC and are keen to support it, in principle.
  • 19 aircraft came down in this area, but there is no memorial apart from the one down Cloot Drove.
    • GS stated that there should be a shared responsibility for the upkeep to keep it in good condition.
  • Suggested site was what used to be Brother Barr Hill on the left-hand side.


It was agreed that we would need to know exactly where the proposed site is as permission will be required from the landowner.


It was agreed to support the proposal in principle.

CE - suggested that a meeting may be required between the 2 Parish Councils.

Action: C Elphee




16.181) (i) Accounts for Payment – see separate sheet.


A list of payments for approval had been circulated prior to the meeting.


The RFO explained that although the total figure appeared to be ‘eye-wateringly’ high, the 2 large invoices from the Sports hall refurbishment had been covered by the money received from LCC.

  • DK added that we had also had some ‘one-off’ payments, such as the fire extinguishers serviced, and the electrics tested in all buildings.
    • Also, the money for floral displays and planting had grant money received to offset some of the cost.
  • Two invoices, no’s 479 & 480 were for paint treatment for the roundabout, paid by DK.

The RFO explained that she had queried the unusually high electricity bill for the Pavilion, and that she had found out that the workmen had been painting the changing rooms and had the heating on high to help the paint dry as it had been so cold.  She did ask one of the men to take a meter reading, as the reading on the bill had been estimated, but the actual reading was higher.

  • DK added that it didn’t help that the PC were currently paying a punitive rate for energy as we were waiting to change supplier.
  • PG queried the LALC bill as it seemed high.
    • The Clerk explained that the amount was based on the number of electorate and had an element from LALC and NALC.
  • GS added that he had received the invoices and reports for fire extinguishers in each building and that he had kept within the guidelines given at the last meeting and had the 4 extinguishers donated by RB serviced to, at a cost of £12 so they are ready to use.



Moved:            D Ringham

Seconded:      P Green


All Agreed




17.182) Matters to be considered for inclusion on a future Council Agenda.


  • PG - Reduce speed limit on James Road – to keep an eye on our suggestion.
    1. DK - James Road and Peterborough Road junction.
    2. BA warned that by raising it we may risk the road being put back to 60mph limit.
  • CE - Party in the Park cancelled last year, could we have something like it this year once lockdown is lifted?
    1. DK thought this would be a good idea and maybe make it bigger, add fireworks etc.
  • JW - S106 monies for the Pavilion to make it more of a community asset with a larger room.
    1. DK currently writing a letter to SHDC Planning Dept to ask for funding from future developments for a new building there, especially as we have lost the school hall and the British Legion.  The pavilion is coming to the end of its life, although we continue to patch it up.
  • RB suggested that we notify Lincoln regarding the falling masonry on the Trinity Bridge.
    1. DK replied that this has already been done by the Clerks.


Something to add to our diaries; Reenactment going ahead on the 17th, 18th and 19th September and a Dog Show in July.



Meeting ended at 8:50pm