Minutes of a meeting of Crowland Parish Council

Held on Monday 6th June 2022 at 7:00pm

in the Crowland Community Hub


Present: Bryan Alcock, Philip Green, Graham Searle, Reg Boot, Cathi Elphee, Graham Searle, Darren Warner, Annette Williams, Jon Boor and Wayne Glenton


In the Chair:    David Kempton - thanked everyone for attending

Acting Clerk:   Tina Croxford


1)199. Apologies for Absence

Michael Atkinson, David Ringham & Lee Quince – comments - a valid reason for not attending meetings and more commitment please. Councilors should attend meetings when summoned


2) 200. Declaration of Interests as per the LGA 2000

Graham Searle:          Crowland Cares & SH Voluntary Car Scheme (if discussed)

Jon Boor:                    Land (if discussed)






To Agree as a correct Record the Minutes of the Previous Meeting



Proposed:        J Boor

Seconded:       C Elphee

All agreed                 




Matters Arising from the previous Minutes



To be added to next agenda

1 standards and Union Flag – storage required

2 old abbey clock – to secure its future




Chairman’s Report



Open Meeting was held with 15 public members attending and well received

A request for the notes/minutes to be available for parishioners - to be put on the CPC website

Noted that more communication is needed (both ways)

Request for another meeting – not just one a year

A request for councilors to get more involved within different/more committees










Amenities Committee






C Elphee is now Vice Chair

Three items to be moved into committee

Monies regarding the tennis court area, no money has been released yet- ongoing to be chased – PG has email ready

Sports Hall, conversation with (LCC/Kier) regarding the tenancy – ensure CPC are fully compliant – boiler inspections, safety inspections – environmental energy compliance

FRA was sent to LCC (CPC’s Landlords, check LCC issues have been actioned – lease to be looked into and list/program designed with actions/dates etc (annually/monthly)

Meeting to be looked into for CPC, LCC, School & Trustees     

Youth shelter – on going works were put on hold because of wind and rain affecting welding.  2 extra cross braces are being added.

















Finance and Admin Committee










Internal auditors report was submitted, noted and accepted by the Council.

Note: Section 1 AGAR was received and adopted – proposed BA seconded GS – all agreed

Section 2 - proposed BA seconded GS – all agreed

13th June – 22nd July will be available in the office for view – to be put on website

File will be available in the office for view (section 1 & 2 3rd July for shown, with external auditor’s details)

Note internal auditor is retiring 30th September and will help until then but a new external auditor is required.  Appreciations and thanks given to External Auditor for all his hard work - formally thank you letter.

Hire fees proposed to be held for the time being – Proposed BA seconded GS all agreed














Farms & Gardens Committee








Topsoil has fallen through – timescale was too tight but there may be another opportunity.

Contactor has been booked for drainage work on Abbey Farm.

Land inspection will be carried out in June.

6 acre hedge is growing with few failures.

Grass cutting – managing at the moment as staff shortage

spraying of the Snowden for weed control seems to have been successful

Minor repairs to grass cutters

Fencing/boundary Snowden – to be discussed in committee

Family members Jemma, Harry, Charley and Jake cleared rubbish up after the travelers – very thoughtful













Planning Committee









Thanks given to everyone for help and commitment at both Jubilee events, they were successful – thanks was given to PG for all the hard work and commitment

Thanks and praise given for music between the interval on Sunday

Notice board is up and being used

Parking issues – car park sign for behind West Street

Parking issues with people parking and leaving cars all day

Reform Street – legal battle but the hedge is a major problem now – County Councilor NP to raise again.




Safety & Security Committee








Report sent and reported crime dropping

Reports of vehicles – upsetting parishioners

Vehicles on the Snowden

Noted Police presence Thursday night for Beason Lighting – very helpful

FRA – in committee




Assets Working Party





Concern regarding developer’s lack of progress in finishing details etc.

Barrier on Snowden, other outstanding issues – AWP meeting to be arranged




Accounts for Payment






Fencing for the swimming pool only area 50% of costs shared.

Payments sheet reviewed/discussed and the total of £19522.48 was authorised  

proposed RB seconded AW – all agreed








Letter regarding the funding regarding helping out/volunteering in Africa – reached her target and is going ahead




Councillor Vacancies




To be discussed in committee



Hire Charges



Already discussed in finance



Matters to be considered for inclusion on a future Council Agenda











1 standards and Union Flag – storage required

2 old abbey clock – to secure its future


Parking – East Street – vans and cars covering dropped curbs

Cars should not be parked either side of the junction – not supposed to park within 10 meters of junction or dropped curb





Meeting ended at   10.15 pm