January 2022

Minutes of a meeting of Crowland Parish Council

Held on Monday 10th January 2022 at 7:00pm

in the Crowland Community Hub



Present:         Bryan Alcock, David Kempton, Philip Green, Graham Searle, Reg Boot,

Lee Quince, Jon Boor, Darren Warner, Cathi Elphee, Wayne Glenton and Annette Williams


Clerk:              Angela Harrison


Local Press Officer: Victoria Fear


In the Chair:  David Kempton



1) 152. Apologies for Absence


Michael Atkinson, David Ringham and Jan Woodroffe

District & County Cllr Nigel Pepper

District Cllr Jim Astill



2) 153. Declaration of Interests as per the LGA 2000


Graham Searle:          Crowland Cares & SH Voluntary Car Scheme

Jon Boor:                    Land



3) 154. To Agree as a correct Record the Minutes of the Previous Meetings


Proposed:        W Glenton

Seconded:       R Boot            


A vote by show of hands was unanimous.    


4) 155. Matters Arising from the previous minutes


Item 4) 140. Under the 4th bullet point, the last sentence should read slab, not slabs, as it is one piece.


This amendment was made, (in pen), before the Chairman signed the Minutes.


5) 156. Chairmans Report - to receive the Chairman’s report


A Copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


The report was received, and a copy requested for the Town Magazine.


Action: DK

6) 157. Amenities Committee - to receive the Chairman’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated a few days prior to the meeting.


The next meeting will be held on Monday the 24th of January.

  • DK requested that RB Chair this meeting if DR is unavailable.
    • He also informed members of the committee the urgent need to resolve the heating in the Clerk’s office.  The socket for the storage heater has burnt out and although the socket has been replaced, the electrician does not recommend the heater be used as he could not check the state of the wiring.  A replacement heater needs to be sourced and the storage heater removed.

Action: Amenities Committee


7) 158. Finance and Admin Committee - to receive the Chairmans report.


The Chairman thanked BA for his comprehensive report.


i.)         To Agree the Parish Precept for 2022/23


A discussion was had, and it was agreed to raise the Precept by 2.5% on Band D properties, from £71.38 per annum to £73.21 per annum.  Based on the tax base of 1670 properties.  This equates to £1.40 per week for Band D properties, an increase of 3 pence per week.


Proposed:        W Glenton

Seconded:       B Alcock


A vote by show of hands was unanimous.


It was therefore agreed to set the Precept for 2022-23 at £122,261

Action: RFO


8) 159. Farms & Gardens Committee - to receive the Chairmans report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • JB reported that the lime trees on the 2 greens will be trimmed this Spring.
  • DK stated that the building contractor’s work on the 6-acre field will be completed by the end of this month.


9) 160. Planning Committee - to receive the Minutes of the December meeting.


A copy of the Minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • PG advised members that he attended an online meeting with an officer at SHDC regarding the funding available to improve the town centre.
  • Apparently, the funds are not to be used for permanent fixtures and the PC would need to spend the money first, then apply for funding, (which may not be successful). The following suggestions were put forward:
    • Pressure washing the lines marking out the parking bays
    • Refurbishment of the public toilets
      • This is already being looked at by SHDC
    • Street art


Action: PG

Regarding the paving around the refurbished telephone box, SHDC could provide the labour to lay the slabs, but the PC would need to purchase them.

Still awaiting confirmation from Crowland Cares regarding the purchase of the bench.

Action: PG

i)          To agree the siting of a commemorative bench on Crease Drove


  • PG reported that he had spoken with the site manager for the Ashwood Homes development and had gained his support for siting a bench on the green on Woodroffe Drive.  There will also be a tree planted there in memory of their former site manager, who sadly passed away on the site.
    • Cost of the bench would be circa £1,000
    • Paving could be provided by the developer.


Proposed:        P Green

Seconded:       C Elphee

A vote by show of hands was unanimous


  • BA advised that the management company be made aware of this agreement.
    • PG agreed to speak to Ashwood Homes tomorrow.

Action: PG

ii)         To setup a Platinum Jubilee Committee/Task Group


The following members offered to assist PG on this task group:

D Warner, R Boot, J Boor and A Woodroffe



            (1)        To consider the purchase of commemorative mugs for the Junior School children

PG informed members that the school had been contacted but were not interested in giving out the mugs to the pupils.

No alternative options were suggested by the school, so PG suggested that we use the money for something else.


All agreed.


PG raised the subject of a new burial site, and whether the allocated piece of land would still be suitable due to changes in legislation regarding the water table limit.

May require a flood risk assessment.  JB agreed to continue his enquiries into the site’s suitability.



Action: JB & AWP


10) 161. Safety & Security - to receive the Chairman’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


11) 162. Leisure and Wellbeing Centre – to receive the team’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


As previously agreed, the Trust will manage the facility as soon as possible under a temporary Letter of Intent.


12) 163. Assets Working Party - to receive the team’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.



Proposed:       P Green

Seconded:       J Woodroffe

Action: AWP


13) 164. Accounts for Payment – see separate sheet.


Proposed:       J Boor

Seconded:       A Williams


All agreed.



14) 165. Matters to be considered for inclusion on a future Council Agenda.


There were no other items requested.



Meeting ended at 8:50pm