Minutes of a meeting of Crowland Parish Council

Held on Monday 1st February 2021

Remotely, via Zoom at 7:00pm



Present:          Bryan Alcock, David Kempton, Philip Green, Cathi Elphee,

                        David Ringham, Graham Searle, Jan Woodroffe, Reg Boot, Jon Boor

                        and Annette Williams


Clerk:               Angela Harrison


County & District Cllr Nigel Pepper

District Cllr                  Jim Astill


In the Chair:                David Kempton



  1. 146) Apologies for Absence


Michael Atkinson is unable to attend due to Covid restrictions.

Lee Quince sent his apologies due to work commitments but would join later if possible.

Jon Boor had notified to say he would be attending the meeting but may be late.



  1. 147) Declaration of Interests as per the LGA 2000


Dave Ringham:           Crowland Cares

Graham Searle:          Crowland Cares & SH Voluntary Car Scheme



  1. 148) To Agree as a correct Record the Minutes of the Previous Meetings


  • Under item 7. 134) Finance & Admin Committee, the recommendation was from the Finance Committee, not Mr Alcock as stated


It was raised that there was a mistake in the Chairman’s article in the Parish magazine, it should read that the increase to the householder will be 3p per week, not 30p as printed.


Proposed:        J Woodroffe

Seconded:       R Boot


All Agreed



  1. 149) Matters Arising from the previous minutes and Clerks’ Report - to receive the Clerks’ report of actions outstanding


A copy of the Clerk’s report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


DK raised the issue of the heating in the Parish Rooms and any further work in the Pavilion, which is now urgent.

  • DR stated that he is already working on some of these issues and will be holding an Amenities meeting in the next couple of weeks.


Clerk’s Report


It was requested that the points were numbered in future, so that they could be referred to more easily.

Action: Clerks

Update on Electric Car Charging point -

  • DK spoke with an officer at SHDC who stated that it is not likely to happen before April.

Re Stopping Off of The Chase

  • Heads of Terms will be signed this week, then it will go ahead.
    • Issue was the ownership of the dyke, but this has now been resolved.


  1. 150) Chairman’s Report - to receive the Chairman’s report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • GDPR needs to move forward.
  • There has been a Covid security protocol issue, regarding people approaching our staff.
    • Additional training has been given to resolve the situation.
    • Visitors were the issue, not the staff themselves


  1. 151) Amenities Committee - to receive the Chairman’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


DR added the following:


  • Completed the pipe work at the back of the Pavilion and temporary repairs done to the cladding.
  • Flagpole repainted and put up.
  • Roundabout has been removed ready to be primed and painted.
  • Repaired the tiled surface area of the children’s play area.
  • Inspection of fire extinguishers and fixed wiring have been done - awaiting the reports.
  • Quotation received for new swings for the adventure playground - to be taken “in Committee.”


GS reported the following:


  • Fire Extinguisher checks have been done for all buildings, including the sports hall.
  • Parish Room and Youth Building - holes in circuit boards need plugging and some labelling.
  • Pavilion - lots more work to be done - full report will follow in due course.

Action: G Searle


  1. 152) Finance and Admin Committee - to receive the Chairmans report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • 2 lots of S106 monies are due to come in and are in the pipeline.
  • If we require any further S106 money, we need to submit an application outlining why we require the money. 
    • Not to be attached to a specific application.

Action: Finance Committee


  1. 153) Farms & Gardens Committee - to receive the Chairman’s report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


RB had nothing further to add to the report, but made the following comment:


  • Be aware of the amount of water that has been standing on some of our land at the moment.
    • BA - A long while ago the PC used to levy a charge to the tenants to mow out the dykes, but the tenants felt they could do a better job and didn’t want to pay the levy, so it stopped.



  1. 154) Planning Committee - to receive the Chairman’s report from the Working Party meeting held on the 18th of January 2021


A copy of the meeting notes had been circulated prior to the meeting.


To agree the comments made on the planning applications, so that they can be entered onto the Planning Portal via the SHDC website.


Proposed:        J Woodroffe

Seconded:       G Searle


All agreed.

Action: Clerks

CE made the following comments:


  • Aiming to relocate the refurbished phone box this Spring.
    • Had further discussions regarding removal of the hanging basket stanchion and the consensus was that we would like to keep it.
    • Stanchion needs to stay and there will be room for the phone box and the bench in that location.


Proposed:        D Ringham

Seconded:       P Green


All agreed that this would make a nice ‘entrance’ to the town centre, especially as that bench is used by a lot of people within the community.

Action: C Elphee



  1. 155) Safety & Security - to receive the Chairman’s report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • Fire Extinguisher checks have been carried out.
  • Police - suffering with high levels of absences due to Covid and overtime
  • ASB reports around the town.
  • Spate of fly-tipping:
    • 6 for last year and almost up to that figure already for February!
    • It was stated that it is up to the householder to ensure that their waste is disposed of legitimately and that they should always ask to see a copy of the driver’s waste license or take a photo of the vehicle and driver
  • New initiatives launched:
    • Next Door - like old Neighbourhood Watch scheme
    • Safer Together - team with a coordinator to the crime commissioner’s office re: harm, diversity, crime, etc.

GS made a plea to the parishioners. If you see anything going on, ASB 101 or crime 999 please report it before posting it on Facebook as there’ll be a better chance of catching the perpetrators.



  1. 156) Fitness & Well-being Centre - to receive the team’s report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


DR added the following at the meeting:


  • Approved contractor, Probus, started work on the 11th of January, following a joint meeting with the school.
    • Thanks to the school for their co-operation.
  • RB and DR went to visit the site last week, prior to the first invoice and payment.
  • LCC sent through their Purchase Order today and our invoice was raised and sent back, which will cover this first payment.
  • Applied for a CIO with the charity commission.
    • Now need to submit a response following some additional questions and a Zoom meeting.
  • Looking for more volunteers to assist with practical things, such as siting of equipment.
  • Main concern the Charity Commission had, was the amount of control that the PC would have over the CIO.
    • It is okay for the PC to be the only trustee, but the volunteers would run the day to day.
  • Marketing campaign will be the next stage.

BA asked if the work would incorporate the full decoration throughout the facility and the lights in the sports hall.

  • The contractors will give us a price for all of that, to compare with what we already have.
  • Looking at the various options for access control to the gym, so that if we require an electric supply it can be put in now, rather than having to knock through the walls afterwards.

RB agreed that the contractor is working really well with the school.

DK added that we will need to know asap if there are any additional costs, over and above what has been quoted for so that we know how much we need to budget for.



  1. 157) Assets Working Party - to receive the team’s report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


BA reported that the ‘footpath to nowhere’ has been put onto the old allotment site.

  • Lots of meetings last week and over the weekend.
  • Valuation of the potential industrial site off Thorney Road received from the Developer.
  • Commercially sensitive but exciting piece of news will be taken “in Committee.”



  1. 158) GDPR - to receive an update


GS gave the following report at the meeting:


  • After the last full Council meeting where we formerly adopted the Policy, the Clerk had a read through and found some anomalies with the Policy, which meant she felt uncomfortable registering it with the ICO.
  • The Clerk will compile the necessary documents and after consultation with GS and JW, these updated documents will be distributed, at least 10 days before the next full council meeting.
  • Re: domain name; the options and costs will be added to the GDPR report for next month.

Action: Clerk



  1. 159) Emergency Planning


GS stated that he didn’t receive this until 22nd January and therefore hasn’t had time to do anything with it but has since had an email to say thank you and to ‘stand down’.

  • DK asked that it be kept on the agenda until we have a plan in place.

Action: G Searle


  1. 160) Policy regarding the use of Drones and Metal Detectors on our green areas


Following a Freedom of Information request, the council sought to agree its position on the use of drones on or over their land.  The following points were raised:


  • Controlled under the aerodrome legislations.
  • Own insurance if over 20kg
  • Lots of other criteria that they must adhere to
  • A lot of authorities discourage the use of them on their own land.
  • Advice on website ‘Drone Safe UK’


A full and frank debate was had around the subject and it was agreed that the Parish Council would reiterate the list of things that they do not allow on our land or property, and that Drones / UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), are not allowed to fly on or over our land, without prior permission of the Parish Council.


It was also added that we do not condone the use of metal detectors on our land.


Moved:            R Boot

Seconded:       G Searle

All agreed.

Action: Clerks


  1. 161) (i) Accounts for Payment

            (ii) S137 Payments



A list of payments for approval had been circulated prior to the meeting.


Moved:            D Ringham

Seconded:      P Green


All agreed.


(ii) There were six S137 payments made following last month’s meeting, following the judging of the best decorated business and residential premises.

  • The first prize recipient for businesses, Passiflora’s, has requested that their £25 prize money be donated to Crowland Cares, and the third prize recipient for residents, Mr & Mrs Battenson, has requested their £10 prize money be donated to a charity of the PC’s choice.


It was agreed the total £35 would be donated to Crowland Cares.

Action: Clerk


  1. 162) Matters to be considered for inclusion on a future Council Agenda


There were no items to be added.


Cllr Pepper was invited to speak and stated that we will soon be getting a consultation letter regarding the A16/B1166 junction (formerly Radar Corner).





Meeting ended at 8:50pm