12th March 2021

Minutes of a meeting of Crowland Parish Council

Held on Monday 12th April 2021

Remotely, via Zoom at 7:00pm and live streamed to Facebook



Present:         Bryan Alcock, David Kempton, Philip Green, David Ringham, Graham Searle, Jan Woodroffe, Reg Boot, Darren Warner, Lee Quince

                        and Annette Williams


Clerk:              Angela Harrison


In the Chair:  David Kempton



The Chairman spoke about the sad passing of the Duke of Edinburgh.  He spoke about the sterling work he has done as the Queen’s Consort and Commonwealth.  He asked all those present, to observe a minute’s silence to remember Prince Philip.



1) Apologies for Absence


Cathi Elphee (unwell)

Jon Boor notified to say he would be late and

Michael Atkinson

District Cllr Jim Astill

Cllr Nigel Pepper



2) Declaration of Interests as per the LGA 2000


Dave Ringham:           Crowland Cares

Graham Searle:          Crowland Cares & SH Voluntary Car Scheme



3) To Agree as a correct Record the Minutes of the Previous Meetings



Proposed:        P Green

Seconded:       G Searle                     


All Agreed



4) Matters Arising from the previous minutes and Clerks’ Report - to receive the Clerks’ report of actions outstanding


  • PG asked about the new markings on the Tennis Court.
    • DR answered to say that there had been some trials of the Pickle Ball game
  • RB - Missed hedge cutting season so only managed to trim the sides and take a small amount off the top from by the old allotment site.
    • DK there was nothing nesting so it was done quickly by the developers.


Clerks’ Report


DK stated that he was unsure that the Clerk’s report was working as it was intended, as items are staying on there for long periods of time.

  • The Clerk answered to say that it was something that the Deputy Clerk was keen to do each month, as it was a way of keeping up to speed with what was going on.

The Clerk agreed to look through it to see if anything can be removed or updated.

Action: Clerk

Item 3 - Heaters for the Parish Rooms

  • DK stated that he and LQ had met with a contractor 2-3 weeks ago and were awaiting a quote.
  • LQ has received the quote and is trying to gain 2 more but requires access on Friday.
    • PG stated that he had a key and would be happy to let him in

Item 10 needs to be amended - J Boor to give the Clerks an ‘Inventory’ - needs to be done and sent off.

  • GDPR forms need to be completed and sent into the office ASAP.
  • Item 19 Section 106 funds has been sorted.
  • Item 23 regarding allotments has been done.

BA asked if there had been any progress on Item 20 West Street Bus Shelter, as there have been some serious issues recently.

  • DK stated that he would go with a tape measure to measure up.

Action: D Kempton

  • GS reported that he had heard from the Police of 3 incidents within the last 7 days.
    • BA trees need to be cut back for the cameras to pick up activity, however they are in a conservation area.

Action: R Boot




5) Chairmans Report - to receive the Chairman’s report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • DK added that Ways of approving discretionary spend could be covered by setting up a ‘ways and means’ Committee, to deal with other spending that was not covered by Committee budgets.
  • We should be holding an Annual meeting in May.
    • We were let off having one last year, due to Covid, but told we would have to hold a physical meeting this year, with the public.
      • At the moment legislation is not clear, so we do not know how, if or when we will be able to hold an Annual meeting, with the public.
  • Clerk stated that there is an online Government consultation asking for views on holding virtual meetings, which strangely expires mid-June, however, legislation currently states that we cannot meet virtually after the 6th of May.  This goes against Covid-19 laws that state that no-one can meet inside and only 6 people are currently allowed to meet outside.  If we meet inside, we must be 2-meters apart, wear face masks, not sit directly opposite each other and allow all members of the public to attend.  It will be illegal to turn anyone away.
  • DK stated that GS had done some work on whether we could hold a physical meeting in the Sports Hall.
    • Issues with access and egress - maybe needing to go across the playground in order to have a one-way system but would need to speak with the school for permission.
    • We would also need to ask members of the public for their contact details upon entry.
  • PG stated that the first Monday in May is a Bank Holiday, so that would need to be considered.
    • DK stated that meeting on the following Monday would not be an option as no virtual meetings are allowed after the 7th of May.
      • If we want to hold the meeting virtually, we will need to look at having it on Tuesday 4th May in order to be within the guidelines – this was an option suggested by LALC.


It was agreed that the Clerk and the Chairman would keep everyone updated.

Action: Chairman & Clerk



6) Amenities Committee - to receive the Chairman’s report.


A copy of the report had been circulated a few days prior to the meeting.


  • GS stated that the second item, EICR, the certificates have all been filed in the office and the next testing will be due in 3 years’ time.
    • Clerk to diarise this using the Outlook Calendar.

Action: Clerk


  • LQ advised that Commercial properties is usually 5 years, but the person carrying out the tests can make this earlier if they feel it is.
  • BA asked for clarification whether the company we are purchasing the play equipment is the same as we received the quote for
    • DR responded to say that it was.
  • GS raised concerns regarding the leak in the roof of the Pavilion being directly over the exit door.  This needs to be fixed before the elections in May.
    • DR stated that there were 2 areas and that he has requested quotes and should have them in time for the next Amenities meeting.
      • The Youth building could not be used for the elections as there was no safe entry or egress.
    • The Clerk asked
  • BA asked if someone had booked the pitch near Thorney Road on Sunday as there were cars parked along the road and he did not recognise the teams that were playing.  Also, there appeared to be a circular track marked out around the perimeter of that pitch.
    • The local cycle club will be starting up on a Monday night.

A discussion was had around bookings and keeping a track on who is using our facilities.

  • DK stated that we need to get on top of who is using our facilities and ensure that they complete the required hire agreement forms and are invoiced appropriately.
    • DR stated that we have all relevant information regarding our own football teams.
  • R Boot will liaise with the Deputy Clerk as she has information regarding the team that has been using the pitch.

Action: R Boot & Deputy Clerk


Clerk spoke about a new bookings system launched by Scribe.

  • All amenities will be input onto the system, with photos and capacities.
  • Users will be able to view, book and pay online once it is setup.
  • There will be an online diary to check availability.
  • Caretakers will have access to the system.
    • Need assistance with photos and capacities from DR.

Action: Clerk & D Ringham



7) Finance and Admin Committee - to receive the Chairmans report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


BA Brought to the members attention, the updated list of Hiring fees.

  • DK stated that it was an improvement on what it was.
    • With the Junior football team, he felt it was still difficult to administer with the menu of charges.
  • BA stated that following a conversation with a group of lads recently, he found out that to hire a pitch to play football in Peterborough, 7 a-side it cost £50 per hour.
    • RB added that in Peterborough they must provide everything including goal posts, pitch marking, etc. which we do not do here.

BA added that although discretionary spend looks low, but we are in a good position. Also, that even though it’s been an extremely difficult year, we have achieved a lot without cutting services to the public.

  • DK asked the Chairs of Committees to stipulate what they want from reports, as some are difficult to read.
    • BA stated that he had pulled off some useful reports from Scribe and that they could be tailored.
  • The Clerk stated that she had been doing some work on the Cost Centres and had whittled them down from 24 to 15 which should assist in reporting.  She had also included income and expenditure within the Cost Centres rather than having them separate.


8) Farms & Gardens Committee - to receive the Chairman’s report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • RB stated that regarding the quotation for the tree works near Thorney Road to cut back all the trees by the power line and the tree near where the contractors are putting down a hard standing.  Chased it up this afternoon, but not received it yet.

Action: R Boot

  • Immediate right-hand side as you turn into the Doctors Surgery tree planted to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has died.  Will look to replace it in the near future.
    • DK suggested speaking to In Bloom who have an account with a local company.
  • BA - Entrance to Girdlestone Walk - trees need to be looked at.

Action: R Boot



9) Planning Committee - to receive the Minutes of the meeting held on the 8th of March 2021


A copy of the Minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting.


PG – Regarding the bus shelter on Peterborough Road, there would be no need to move the raised kerb, just move the bus shelter about 6 feet.

BA asked about the conversation that the Chairman had with a representative of the applicant regarding the proposed Service Station.

  • DK had a telephone call from the applicant/representative who had read our report.  Keen to work with the PC and the residents.  He would do everything he could to abate the noise, etc. but the only thing he simply cannot do is have a North bound exit onto the A16 as Highways will not allow it.
    • BA stated that there have been some updates on the application and that we maybe ought to contact LCC Highways directly
    • Also, another observation is that the HGVs have to visit James Roadside of the sight on entry and on exit of the site.
    • DK agreed that we ought to lobby LCC.

Action: D Kempton


10) Safety & Security - to receive the Chairman’s report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • PCSO has been on training and on holiday and is now self-isolating.
    • Spoke on the telephone and requested whether he can move his shifts about so as to capture ASB.
  • Fire Exit door on the Parish Rooms being looked at tomorrow.
  • No books of Condolence and no flowers to be laid at the Cenotaph for the Duke of Edinburgh.
    • A suggestion was made to write a letter of Condolence from the Parish Council on behalf of the people of Crowland and to include the relationship the DofE had with Crowland.
    • Link to the online book of condolence to be added to our Facebook Page, the Town Magazine and our Website.
  • GS - QR code for the entrance of the Parish Room will be put up.



11) Fitness & Well-being Centre - to receive the team’s report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • Contractors due to finish in about 4 weeks from now
    • Another Zoom meeting Wednesday
    • Want to open ASAP but needs to be right.
    • Flooring has gone down upstairs where the changing rooms and showers are.
    • Getting prices for the lighting
  • Mindful of the budget - breakdown of what the costs are before the last invoice is presented.
  • 2 people on the committee have experience of gyms, one actually has run one.
  • Arrange for members of the council to view the facilities before it is open to the public.
  • Looking at early June to open the gym up for membership.
  • Application for registration of the charity was sent in last week.
  • DK stated that we need to set up an agreement between the PC and the trust.
  • LQ suggested that one person could walk around and stream it via Zoom so that only one person was looking around.



12) Assets Working Party - to receive the team’s report


A copy of the report had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • Ashwood Homes are cracking on with the development.
  • Security issues have been ongoing.
  • DK met the foreman, who stated that the contractors working on the floor levels should be finished in a couple of weeks.
  • PG - Hard standing is looking good and will be an asset to the Snowden.
  • Clerks to compile a list of people who are interested in renting our bungalows.  As soon as the properties are built, we will send their details to our chosen letting agency.

Action: Clerks & AWP






13) Live Meetings - to discuss a way forward


  • Following Covid-19 legislation it will be illegal to hold a physical meeting with members of the public, however, after 6th May it will be illegal to hold a virtual meeting.
  • Government is carrying out an online consultation which ends mid-June.
  • Awaiting the outcome of a current appeal



14) Party in the Park 2021


  • AW did speak to CE earlier who said that she will try to arrange meetings/talks with the previous organisers.
  • DK said it would be nice to have fireworks.

Action: C Elphee



15) (i) Accounts for Payment

            (ii) S137 Payments


  • DK questioned the number of electricity bills that were on the list for this month.
    • The RFO explained that there were bills for February usage then usage up to the 17th of March.  We then have Direct Debit payments to Bulb from the 17th of March.  We pay Total in arrears and Bulb in advance.  Meter readings are submitted monthly.


Moved:            D Ringham

Seconded:       R Green


All Agreed




16) Matters to be considered for inclusion on a future Council Agenda


  • GS - mentioned that the heaters in the disabled toilets were very hot when he went into the offices, even though he had turned them off previously.
    • Clerk stated that Crowland Cares turned the heaters on each day.



Meeting ended at 8:55pm