May 2021 Annual Meeting - Minutes

Minutes of the Annual meeting of

Crowland Parish Council

held remotely, via Zoom, at 7pm

on Tuesday 4th May 2021 and live streamed to Facebook



Present:       Bryan Alcock, David Kempton, Philip Green, Cathi Elphee, Michael Atkinson, Jon Boor, David Ringham, Graham Searle, Jan Woodroffe, Reg Boot, Matt Elderkin and Annette Williams


Clerk:                               Angela Harrison


County & District Cllr:        Nigel Pepper

Lincs Free Press:              Andrew Brookes


In the Chair:                      David Kempton


The Chairman spoke of the sad passing of Jim Speechley and requested that the Parish Council observe a minute’s silence to remember him and all that he did for the local community.



  1. 20 Temporary Suspension of our Standing Order 5J


The Chairman explained that in order to comply with Covid-19 legislation, had we had waited until next week, we would have had to have met physically, which would have been a challenge.



  1. 21. Election of Chairman


P Green nominated D Kempton

G Searle seconded

All agreed.


David Kempton was duly elected as Chairman of Crowland Parish Council.


DK thanked those present and stated that he would be happy to continue in the role for the ensuing year.



  1. 22. Election of Vice Chairman


D Kempton nominated G Searle.

P Green seconded

All agreed.


Graham Searle was duly elected as Vice Chairman of Crowland Parish Council


GS thanked those present and stated that he would be happy to accept the role for the ensuing year.  However, he added that he would not, at this time, commit to being Chairman next year. 


This was accepted and noted.

  1. 23. Apologies for Absence


Darren Warner:           Volunteer Fire Service

District Cllr J Astill:      Working late



5) 24. Declaration of Interests as per the LGA 2000


D Ringham:                             Crowland Cares

G Searle:                                 Crowland Cares, SHP Voluntary Car Scheme, Accounts for payment

P Green:                                  Accounts for payment

J Boor:                                     Farm issues and Goldcrest Road

M Elderkin & L Quince:           Proposed Service Station



6) 25. Election of Committees


Finance Committee

B Alcock, J Boor, M Atkinson, D Ringham and D Kempton


Farms & Gardens Committee

J Boor, C Elphee, J Woodroffe, R Boot, P Green, J Boor, M Atkinson, and D Kempton


Planning Committee

C Elphee, J Woodroffe, J Boor, A Williams, P Green, G Searle, and D Kempton


Amenities Committee

D Ringham, B Alcock, R Boot, P Green, L Quince, A Woodroffe, and D Kempton


Safety & Security Committee

G Searle, J Woodroffe, A Williams, J Boor, L Quince and D Kempton



7) 26. Election of Chairman of Committees


  • B Alcock remains the Chairman of Finance.
  • J Boor remains the Chairman of Farms & Gardens


C Elphee wished to stand down as Chair of Planning.

DK proposed P Green.

GS seconded the proposal.

All agreed.

P Green was happy to accept and was duly elected as Chairman of Planning.


  • D Ringham remains the Chairman of Amenities.
  • G Searle remains the Chairman of Safety & Security



8) 27. Proposal to confirm the structure and membership of the Assets Working Party


Members to remain as:

D Kempton, B Alcock, D Ringham, P Green and R Boot


One of the areas to be progressed this year will be the New Cemetery. This may need a dedicated team.



9) 28. Election of Churchyard Committee


C Elphee & A Williams were happy to continue for the ensuing year.


10) 29. Election of Voluntary Car Scheme


D Ringham was happy to continue for the ensuing year.



11) 30. To Agree as a correct Record the Minutes of the Previous Meetings


There were no comments pertaining to the content of the Minutes.  


Proposed:        A Williams

Seconded:       R Boot            


All Agreed


12). 31. Finance Report


  • Precept is now in our bank account.
  • The Chairman thanked BA and the RFO for their concise reports.
  • BA stated that the Revenue balance was not huge but would be bolstered by the rent from the bungalows, once built.
  • PG questioned the number of uncashed cheques on the report.
    • This is due to the delay in receiving and banking the cheques, made especially difficult due to Covid.



13) 32. Farms & Gardens Report


A report from the Farms & Gardens Committee had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • DK wished to speak about the fence alongside the ‘occasional track’ quote.
    • To be taken “in Committee”
  • RB wished to speak about quotes for urgent tree works.
    • To be taken “in Committee”
  • DK picked up some documents from the office from Legal Services Lincolnshire regarding stopping up of Barbers Drove South and St James Bridge and asked JB that he looks at them before he signs them.

Action J Boor & D Kempton


  • DK asked where we were regarding stopping up of The Chase.
    • MA answered to say that it was with solicitors.


14) 33. Report from Planning


Notes from the working party meeting held on the 19th of April had been circulated prior to the meeting.


CE explained that the Committee require approval from full council, for the comments to be added to the SHDC Planning portal.


  • PG questioned the amendment regarding the Service Station and asked that we approach our elected LCC Councillor, after the elections, for assistance in raising our concerns.
  • BA asked whether, due to the ‘circulation’ of the proposed site, whether the issue of the HGVs visiting the side of the site closest to local housing twice, had been discussed.
    • PG stated that an exit onto the A16 North would alleviate this.
    • GS also confirmed that the only solution they could come up with was an exit onto the A16.


Proposed:        J Woodroffe

Seconded:       G Searle


All agreed to the proposed planning application comments, apart from BA & LQ who abstained from the vote.



15) 34. Reports from Amenities


Notes from the working party meeting held on the 27th of April had been circulated prior to the meeting.


DR stated that there were some items of a confidential nature which will be discussed “in Committee.”

  • PG asked about the Sports Hall lighting and hoped that we would not go for the cheapest option but go for the very best that we can afford.


16) 35. Safety & Security Report


A report from the Safety & Security Committee had been circulated prior to the meeting.


  • GS asked that all outstanding GDPR Compliance checklists be completed and returned to the office ASAP.  He explained that if you need to answer ‘no’ to any of the statements, that you should either explain why or give a date as to when you feel you will be compliant.  Please do not hold off completing the form.
  • GS stated that he had another item that he needed to raise ‘in Committee’.



17) 36. Asset Working Party Report


  • BA asked for a level of delegated powers for day-to-day issues.
  • DK mentioned that there would be one decision that the council may like to be involved in and that would be the appointment of a Letting Agent.
    • JW stated that she felt it would be beneficial for the Council to be involved in this process and it was agreed that proposals would be brought to the next Parish Council meeting.


B Alcock proposed

J Boor seconded

All agreed.


18) 37. Leisure & Wellbeing Report


  • DR stated that the work was going well with the contractors who have predicted that they should be ‘site clean’ by the 31st of May.
    • Might have a slight delay due to an issue with the floor.
    • Lighting - 5 quotations like for like high-end spec.
    • Trying to get the best price for the specification of the job.
  • Charity registration should be through soon, pending questions.

BA asked what the mechanism is for which quote we go for regarding the lighting and the decoration.

  • Quotes will come to full council as a confidential report.
  • The management contract with the Trust needs to be progressed urgently.

Action: Team



19) 38. List of Payments for Approval


The RFO asked for approval of 2 additional payments:

  1. Stamps @ £76.20
  2. Repairs to the Pavilion roof @ £375


DK asked that all future Wave bills be checked against meter readings.

Action Clerk & Gen Workers


Proposed: J Boor

Seconded: D Ringham


All Agreed except for GS & PG who had declared an interest in this item.



20) 39. Any other matters to be included on a future agenda.


  • CE - No items but wanted to formerly announce the placement of the Phone Box and the find of the Buffalo LVT.
    • PG requested that the PCs thanks be passed on to the team.
  • CE added that they may look to get a museum set up in Crowland.


No other business except to reinstate Standing Order 5J


JB wanted to record the PCs thanks to C Elphee for the sterling work she has done as Chairman of the Planning Committee.





Meeting ended at 8:30pm